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Targeting & Personalization

Increase conversion while reducing workload which allows you to automate personalization without setting up any targeting rule.

Features of automated personalization

Automate real-time insight

Keep the tag on the campaign from the beginning by the sophisticated, self-learning algorithms which allow you to Automatically determine and serve the right content based on a visitor’s data.


Deep audience targeting

Build a rich master profile by collecting data from across your network to optimize and target in order to enable contextual advertising solutions that better manage the relationship between you and your consumers directly or in connection with third parties.


Powerful Reporting

Automatically generating two-way feed between optimization activities and marketing analytics, which allow marketers to understand the results by the number of audience segments and success metrics available within their data.


Visual personalization set up

An easy step-by-step visual set up which allows marketers to interact directly with their sites, creating content options for automated targeting activities and selecting an algorithm to determine the goal s that the activity hopes to achieve with no technical skills required.

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